Record / Mix & Master


We have fully equipped recording, mixing and mastering facilities at Space.

Recording • Engineering • Mastering • Supplemental Songwriting • Studio Musicians


Through our affiliation with Tim Gerron at Gerron Music
we are able to offer a range of services to help you preserve your musical creation in any medium.

Gerron Music clients enjoy the benefit of a personal relationship with owner-operator Tim Gerron. With over 20+ years of professional experience and knowledge, his credit list extends from John Waite to The Monkees, from M.O.D. to Grammy-nominated work with Doyle Bramhall.
For more information about Gerron Music call 512.739.2612 or visit

The Gear


  • Protools HD Native 10
  • 2x Avid HD I/O Analog 16×16
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Protools HD 10


  • Toft ATB16


  • Aviom 16 channel personal mixing
  • Audio Technica M50 Headphones


  • Neve Portico II
  • Universal Audio 2610
  • Chandler TG2
  • 2x Chandler Germanium
  • 2x API 512c
  • Focusrite ISA One
  • Roland RE 501 Space Echo
  • 2x BAE 1084
  • Focusrite Red 6
  • GML 8200 EQ
  • SSL 4000G Stereo Bus Compressor


  • Eve SC307
  • Genelec 8030A
  • Genelec 8260a
  • Genelec 7270sub
  • Genelec GLM Software Package 8200B
  • Yamaha NS-10M (powered by Bryston 4B)


  • 2x sE Voodoo VR2
  • sE 44* 00a Stereo Pair
  • sE 5P Stereo Pair
  • 4x Sennheiser MD 421
  • 6x Sure SM57
  • AKG D112
  • EV RE20
  • Sure SM7
  • Radial DI’s
  • Neuman M147 Tube
  • 2x AKG 414 TLII Gold
  • 2x AKG 451
  • 3x EV 408B
  • 4x Sure SM57
  • Beta 52

Studio Music Sampler

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Space Rehearsal and Recording

Studio Rates

Record Like a Pro

– Standard rate -$60/hour or $630 12hour lockout. (includes house engineer)
– Freelance rate -$35/hour or $375 for 12hour lockout. (freelance engineers require approval from studio management)