Space for every musician

Aesthetically Inspired.

A uniquely Austin experience, preserving its musical heritage and inspiring future artists, Space is an affordable venue for rehearsal and recording situated on 9-acres in south Austin. With 31 spacious rooms, wide gallery-lit corridors and excellent parking we’ve got the space and equipment to help you with your creative endeavors. Our customers range from local to international musicians, acting troupes, yoga practitioners and other performance artists. Critics Pick: Rehearsal and Recording Space, Best of Austin.

Rates & Rooms

Acoustically Designed.

We took steps beyond normal construction to create a stable acoustic environment. Designed by Steve Durr at Steve Durr Designs.

Record like a pro

Studio Music Sampler

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Space Rehearsal and Recording

By musicians for musicians.

We wanted to create a space where musicians are inspired by the working environment.
Critics Pick: Rehearsal and Recording Space, Best of Austin.

Built for sound

Your destination for inspiration

We believe that if Austin is going to call itself the live music capital of the world then it needs a facility that reflects that, which is why we created Space. In addition to musicians, we also welcome music instructors, theatre groups, photographers, painters, and artists of all types. We see ourselves as art and music facilitators and we take that job seriously. Our rooms are spacious, sound-proofed and acoustically engineered. Many have big windows and plenty of natural light. Additionally, we support the Austin community by showcasing artworks from local artists on the walls of our corridors. Critics Pick: Rehearsal and Recording Space, Best of Austin.

EXPAND minds.
FORGE friendships.
BUILD confidence.

Mission Statement

Beyond the Grade develops confidence and community in underserved youth in Central Texas through after school music education. Taught by local musicians, our curriculum is inspired by students’ interests, providing opportunities for expression and empowerment.

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Space is our home.
Space saved our souls.
Space is the place.